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Download Historical Pricing Data

Far and away the most frequent request I get to the site is “Where can I get full historical pricing data from please? As I want to do my own geeky analysis of the figures”.

So I have created daily exports of the main datasets for each of the 14 regional DNO areas and made these files available to download.

The data sets will be updated every day with the new pricing from the Octopus API, so usually sometime after around 4pm.

If you’ve had the daily graph tweet from @energystatsuk then you know the underlying data will have been updated.

Note: The format of the CSV fields is:

  • CET Time,

  • UK Time (HH:MM),
  • Area Code,
  • Area Name,
  • Unit Price (inc VAT)

Octopus via their API always publish their data in CET time, so you will have to apply the relevant BST/GMT depending on the time of year. I already do that, hence the UK Time HH:MM field that I’ve included.

So in summary, during British Summer Time (BST), the times in the two columns will be an hour out. ie, March to October.

You can read about the data being in CET on the Octopus API Developer page.

Datasets that are currently available to download (and data start date)

  • Agile Import (18th February 2018 )
  • Agile Export (15th May 2019)
  • Gas Tracker (1st October 2021)
  • Electric Tracker (1st January 2021)
  • Indicative Wholesale (15th May 2019)

Where to download the data

The files are hosted on a separate webpage that can be reached via:

From there you can download any of the files you require and to with what you want.

Although it would be nice to be given credit or listed as a source where applicable, thank you.

Referral information and free credit offer

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Energy Stats can also be found on Twitter / X.  Please follow us @energystatsuk for daily Agile tariff pricing graphs and summaries.

We have also started posting the same graphs over on Mastodon.  You can find us here:

And we are even trying to get the info out via Instagram.  Find us here:

Note: The current and past performance of energy pricing is not necessarily a guide to the future.

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