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Octopus Tracker Tariff

Octopus Tracker Tariff pricing follows wholesale pricing, but unlike Agile tariff where the price changes each 30 minutes based upon 30 minute wholesale pricing, Tracker is the same price all day.

More details about Agile tariff can be found here.

You can read all about it on the Octopus Energy website and play with their demo.

Day to day pricing for Tracker is decided based on the whole of the next days wholesale pricing and prices are released usually after midnight, so you know for that next day what the price is.

You can read about Wholesale Pricing on the dedicated page.

Indicative Daily Average Wholesale & Tracker Tariff Price (last 2 years)

Note: These Gas and Electric Tracker prices are for the East Midlands region.

If you want to see pricing for one of the other 13 regions, head over to the Dashboards feature.

Just like Agile, or any tariff that follows wholesale pricing, these need to come with warnings that prices can fluctuate and may go UP as well as DOWN.

So don’t dive into any wholesale based tariff without considering the consequences if prices do rise sharply.

Even if you decide to go with Tracker, I would suggest you keep a keen eye on pricing from week to week, so that you make choices to stay or go on a regular basis.

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We can also be found on Twitter, please follow us @energystatsuk for daily Agile tariff pricing graphs and summaries.

Also, be sure to check out our Dashboard, Download Historical Data and OctoChargeCalc features to help you decide whether these tariffs are the right fit for you.

Note: The past performance of energy pricing is not necessarily a guide to the future.

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