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Export Tariffs – Get paid for your energy

The solar feed-in-tariff (FIT) ran from 2010 until its demise in March 2019.

FIT was a government incentive to get people investing in solar with guaranteed financial rewards to the homeowner for 25 years.

The feed in tariff payment were split in to two parts, Generation and Export.

  • Generation being every kWh you generate from your panels.
  • Export being the kWh of energy you don’t use yourself and goes back to the grid.

Originally there was no smart technology to measure the amount being exported, so regardless of how little or how much you actually exported you were paid for 50% of what you generated. This was known as deemed export.

Old Feed in Tariff rates are inflation linked and rise in April each year.

You can find the current rates here.

As of April 2023, most peoples FIT export rate will be 6.79p per unit.

This is up 13.4% from the previous year.

Stay on old 50% deemed FIT terms or move to actual metered exports?

So anyone on the old FIT rates needs to ask themselves are they better staying with inflation linked 7p for 50% of what they generate? Or jump to higher priced exports, but where you only get paid for what you actually export?

But with solar owners self consuming more their generation using batteries, air source heat pumps and PV diverters like myenergi Eddi and Zappi, to water cylinders and EVs respectively. You might be better staying put.

You’ll need to run your own numbers.

See this blog post where I detail my solar generation and export monthly totals going back to September 2018 how adding batteries, diversion to EV via the Zappi and diversion to PV via the Eddi have affected my exports.

Note: If you do decide to jump ship, you only move the export part of your feed-in-tariff payments. Your generation payments will stay on their inflation linked rates. Some of which are quite lucrative for early solar adopters.

Note: All unit pricing information on the website includes VAT.

Octopus Energy Export Options

With Octopus Energy there are three export options available:

  • Smart Export Guarantee (4.1p per unit)
  • Outgoing Fixed (15p per unit)
  • Outgoing Agile ( half-hourly price changes based on day-ahead wholesale rates, helping you make the most of the energy you generate, with pricing very much in the same vein as their Agile Import Tariff.)
  • Flux Export (see relevant Flux page for your region)

Note: On 21st September 2022 Octopus raised their Outgoing Fixed rate from 7.5p to 15p per unit.

Note: to qualify for exports your Solar, Wind or Water generation needs to be registered with the DNO so that you are granted an export MPAN number (Meter Point Administration Number).

See the FAQ and acceptance criteria on the official Octopus Energy Outgoing page:

Import / Export Valid Tariff Combinations

Which import tariff you are on dictates which export tariff you can choose.

Import Tariff Export Options
Go Outgoing Fixed Lite (8p per unit)
Agile, Flexi, Standard, Fixed, Variable, Tracker, Cosy, Intelligent Octopus Outgoing Fixed (15p), Outgoing Agile (variable)
Flux Flux export peaks around 35p per unit
Have electric from other providers Smart Export Guarantee (4.1p per unit)

From 5th September 2023 Octopus opening up the 15p Outgoing (and Agile Outgoing) to the Intelligent Octopus tariff.

So there is now scope for Intelligent customers to charge things overnight and then reap the rewards of their sunshine in the day.  Quite a prospect.

This means the only smart import tariff you can’t mix with the 15p export is Go.  But as of 12th September 2023 Octopus launched ‘Fixed Lite’ exports at 8p per kWh.

Note: for those with batteries there is nothing stopping you charging them from Solar and/or grid and then force discharging when it is profitable.

Fun Fact! During September 2021 export prices on Outgoing Agile peaked at £2.38 per unit.

Remember to follow us on Twitter @energystatsuk as we tweet the next day’s Agile Outgoing prices every day once released.

You can read all the FAQ on Outgoing Octopus via the Octopus website.

You can also read more about the Smart Export Guarantee scheme over on the Which website.

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Energy Stats can also be found on Twitter / X.  Please follow us @energystatsuk for daily Agile tariff pricing graphs and summaries.

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Note: The current and past performance of energy pricing is not necessarily a guide to the future.

All the Export / Outgoing tariffs for the last 7 days

The fixed lines being the Smart Export Guarantee (4.1p per unit) and Outgoing Fixed (15p per unit).

Maximum, Average and Minimum pricing for each day of the last 365 days

Agile Outgoing average unit price for each 30 minute slot for the last 365 days

Today’s Agile Outgoing Pricing

Tomorrow’s Agile Outgoing Pricing

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