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Energy Stats UK

Energy Stats UK is my hobby website that I started in 2019.

It uses the Octopus Energy open API calls to summarise both historical and daily energy tariff data with graphs and stats.

You can see pricing data for many of the popular Octopus Energy import tariffs like Agile, Go, Intelligent Go, Cosy, Flux and Tracker.

As well as their export (outgoing) tariffs where you can get paid for your surplus Solar, Wind and Hydro power.

Just use the website menus to find the tariff / your region combo.

The site is also my place to blog about my renewable journey of Solar PV, Home Batteries, EV, Mixergy water cylinder, Plant Room and Vaillant Arotherm Plus heat pump.

As well articles about Heat Pump Tumble Dryers, What Size Heat Pump, FLIR Thermal Cameras and Low Temperature Heating.

These articles lead to an appearance on the BBC News website on their article: Heat pumps: The ‘geeks’ obsessing over their new heating systems.

You can find all my blog article posts here:

Note: This website has no affiliation to Octopus Energy other than me being a regular and happy customer.

If you wish to contact Octopus Energy themselves, you can find them here:

What are Time of Use tariffs?

Time of use tariffs (or smart tariffs) are the future of electricity provision. They are designed to encourage more energy use at off-peak times in order to balance nationwide demand.

By design, these tariffs offer cheaper rates at certain times of the day or night, usually when demand is at its lowest. Then charge a higher rate when national demand is higher.

The benefits are twofold; national demand is managed and spread throughout the day better and customers can lower their bills by shifting their usage away from peak times.

Time of use tariffs require Smart Meters. But this combination present the perfect use case and future state of operation for energy supply and demand. Smart meters track your usage every 30 minutes and time of user tariffs can change the price of electricity every 30 minutes too.

Octopus Energy are the main supplier in the UK that are rolling out Time of Use tariffs.

The website shows pricing from many of the Octopus Energy smart tariff options; Agile, Go and Cosy to name a few.

Check out the menus at the top of the website for regional pricing information.

Referral information and free credit offer

If you find the content of this website useful and are thinking of joining Octopus Energy, please consider using my referral code or ‘buy me a coffee’ to help support running costs of the website.

Using this referral code will gift you £50 of free Octopus Energy credit after signup:

If you would like to ‘buy me a coffee’ to show support, please use this link:

If you’re considering owning part of a wind farm through Ripple Energy, get £25 of free credit (if investing more than £1000) using my Ripple referral link.

Energy Stats can also be found on Twitter / X.  Please follow us @energystatsuk for daily Agile tariff pricing graphs and summaries.

We have also started posting the same graphs over on Mastodon.  You can find us here:

And we are even trying to get the info out via Instagram.  Find us here:

Note: The current and past performance of energy pricing is not necessarily a guide to the future.

Download Historical Data

As well as viewing the pre-canned graphs on the site, you can also download historical pricing data for a variety of tariffs going back to 2018 for all 14 regional areas in CSV format via our Download Data page.

Daily Pricing Graphs via Twitter and Mastodon

Octopus Energy release the pricing data from the Agile tariffs (import and export) around 4pm each day in readiness for the following day.

The Twitter account @energystatsuk summarises the data graphs and publishes the data each day.

And we have also started posting the same graphs over on Mastodon.  You can find us here:

If you are interested in how the graph colours are decided, please visit the dedicated Daily Graph Colour page.

User Configurable Dashboards

Gain more granular access to the underlying data via user configurable graphs.

Find out more over on the Dashboards page.

You can choose from each of the 14 regional DNO areas as well along with any timescale you wish.

There are a whole host of different graphs covering the majority of Octopus Energy smart tariffs.

Energy Stats UK Dashboards

Blog Articles

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