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Octopus Go Yorkshire

The Go tariff by Octopus Energy is a smart tariff designed for EV owners.

The headline offer is a 4 hour cheap rate each and every night between 00:30 and 04:30.

You can find more official information about Go on the Octopus website.

Note: In 2022, Octopus made it compulsory to own an EV to be eligible for this tariff.

There used to be variations of Go called Go Faster, but these have been phased out in favour of Octopus next generation EV charging tariff called Intelligent Octopus.

If you don’t have an EV, then take a look at Agile, Cosy or Flux for alterative smart tariffs.

There are a number of pre-configured graphs on the page below to help show current and historical pricing.

If you wish to explore the data with different timeframes, be sure to check out Energy Stats Dashboard feature.

Note: All unit pricing information on the website includes VAT.

Referral information and free credit offer

If you find the content of this website useful and are thinking of joining Octopus Energy, please consider using my referral code or ‘buy me a coffee’ to help support running costs of the website.

Using this referral code will gift you £50 of free Octopus Energy credit after signup:

If you would like to ‘buy me a coffee’ to show support, please use this link:

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Energy Stats can also be found on Twitter / X.  Please follow us @energystatsuk for daily Agile tariff pricing graphs and summaries.

We have also started posting the same graphs over on Mastodon.  You can find us here:

And we are even trying to get the info out via Instagram.  Find us here:

Note: The current and past performance of energy pricing is not necessarily a guide to the future.

Half hour pricing for the last 7 days

All the smart tariffs

Use CTRL and mouse clicks to add/remove any of the tariffs.

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