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Heatio Home Energy Show Podcast

In early 2024 I was invited to be a guest on the Heatio Home Energy Show Podcast.

The podcast is focused around helping customers save money on their energy bills as well as how to decarbonise homes across the country.

You can read more about on their website.

And you can find the podcast either on their YouTube channel or grab the audio versions from wherever to get your podcasts.

A tale of two episodes

I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on the podcast and talking through all things renewable tech.

The podcast host, Simon Roberts and I had such a great chat that we had to split it down in to two episodes.

Once you get talking about things you’re passionate about you soon lose track of time.

In this episode I explained to Simon my whole renewable journey across 5 years.  From installing Solar PV on our roof right through to a heat pump.

Topics covered include

  • Mick’s Journey into Renewable Energy
  • Maximising Solar Energy
  • The Joy of Driving an Electric Vehicle
  • Transitioning to Electric Heating
  • Making Cost-Effective Upgrades
  • The Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Solar Power
  • The Oversized Combi Boiler
  • Energy Savings and Cost Efficiency

In the second half of our chat we talked about how the Energy Stats website and Twitter feed came to be and how smart tariffs can empower homeowners to take control of their energy choices.

Topics covered include

  • Continuous Transition into Renewable Energy
  • Benefits of Smart Meters and Energy Usage Monitoring
  • Querying Octopus’ IT Systems for Tariff Information
  • Understanding Energy Pricing and Tariffs
  • The growth of Octopus Energy and their innovative tariffs
  • Taking Advantage of Lower Costs and Changing Behavior
  • Manual intervention in solar and battery systems
  • Grid Flexibility and Battery Storage
  • The Future of Energy Generation and Prosumers

Referral information and free credit offer

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Energy Stats can also be found on Twitter / X.  Please follow us @energystatsuk for daily Agile tariff pricing graphs and summaries.

We have also started posting the same graphs over on Mastodon.  You can find us here:

And we are even trying to get the info out via Instagram.  Find us here:

Note: The current and past performance of energy pricing is not necessarily a guide to the future.

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